Made up of an arm valve and a forearm valve joined together via a mono-centrical articulation with the possibility of adjustment of the flexo-tension through 0º to 90º in intervals of 15º. Thermoplastic nucleus that provides support and rigidity. Bands adjust the double sided velour through the use of a buckle.

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Indications:Diaphysiary fractures of the humerus, fractures of the middle to lower third of the humerus (supra-condylar). Fractures of the ulna and radius. Pathological fractures (osteolytic metastasis). In surgery of the elbow ligaments. With palmar splints: in case of neurapraxia (temporary paralysis), due to the traumatic agent, the use of this orthesis is recommended with a palmar support. In case of radial paralysis use with a palmar splint is recommended with abduction of the thumb.

SIZES 1 2 3
PERIMETER OF WRIST A 26-32 32-37 37-43
PERIMETER OF WRIST B 20-25 25-30 30-35